Money Matters Presentation

Basic Presentation for Young Adults about Understanding Paychecks and Employment Forms

The Heart of Oregon payroll chapter is dedicated to education not only for our own members but also to members of our community.  The chapter has a presentation available upon request, aimed towards educating those who need information about the basics of paychecks and employment forms to be completed on the first day of work. 

The presentation is entitled "Money Matters - Bringing Home the Gold" which can be tailored to the audience and length of time available.  Student workbooks/handouts are provided with the session and it can be taught with a power point presentation if proper equipment is accessible. 

If you know of a group who would be interested in viewing the presentation, please contact president Diane Kessler or Vice president Jill Poe at the contact information below.  Our volunteer CPPs are willing and happy to provide this valuable information to student classrooms from Junior High and up, YMCAYWCA groups, Boys and Girls clubs, 4H groups, Job corps, etc. 

Diane Kessler, CPP - 503.588.0181 Ext 3207 or [email protected]

Jill Poe, CPP -  (503) 370-7071 ext. 7271 or [email protected]