February 2016  

Community Service

In June, as part of their community outreach, a few of the Heart of Oregon - APA chapter officers, participated in the Big Toy Project. The Big Toy is a great playground located in the Keizer Rapids Park in Keizer Oregon. President, Sarona-Lee Wild, helped with some painting projects, including painting some of the dinosaur for the dinosaur pit, where kids can dig for dinosaur bones. Jill Poe, Past President, helped with a painting project, as well as teaming up with Secretary, Rhonda Miller, on assisting with the building of one of the decks. Additionally, the chapter helped to support this project by purchasing one of the pickets for the fence that surrounds the playground



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On Friday, October 17th, over 100 attendees, vendors and speakers met on the second floor of the Salem Conference Center for the Heart of Oregon's 8th annual statewide payroll conference.  This year's conference theme, Payroll Under Construction, was chosen because payroll laws, rules and regulations are ever changing, always under construction.

The Heart of Oregon board, and conference committee members were easily identified by their safety vests and hard hats.  Sixteen vendors lined the parameter of the "work site", and classrooms were clearly marked with pylons and folding gates donated by the City of Salem, with signage depicting the name of the room matching a picture of the heavy equipment it was named after, and the subject matter being presented.

Two general sessions were held in the "Excavator" room, where a light breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks were served.  Each of the 20 tables were decorated with black tablecloths, gold napkins, and yellow dump trucks filled with orange winter pansies, serving as center pieces.  These center pieces were sponsored by CU Benefits Alliance, and French Prairie Perennials, and were raffled off to raise over $350 for the conference charity, Simonka Place, a shelter for women and children.

Throughout the day, attendees received theme centered gifts.  Chapter and vendor prize giveaways were held during lunch.  Thanks to the Rainier Chapter for their donations of a 2014 Payroll Source, and a bag with their chapter logo, both were included in our afternoon prize drawings. There was even a Facebook challenge, resulting in 34 likes, with challenge participants names being entered into a drawing for an issue of Pay Train, donated by SaronaLee Wilde, who, by the way, celebrated her birthday at the conference. 

A big thank you to our speakers, vendors, conference committee, attendees and Conference Center staff for helping to construct a great conference.  See our photo gallery, made possible by John Washburn, who came to the conference to take pictures at the request of his wife, Heidi, when she learned that our conference photographer was unable to attend.  Thank you John & Heidi!

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